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The Jihad Against the Smokers!

Some people have a perverse conviction that they know what is good for all the people. They try to convince everyone that by banning some activity we shall all live happily ever after.

Photo source: NHS campaign

What is wrong if some people are happy to use their penis for what they use it for?

Do all people want to live potent lives?

If some people live a healthy lifestyle in a manner prescribed by some experts, will this make everyone happy? Or shall we soon discover new ways of getting unhealthy and being unhappy?

Telling people to think with their penis is a tall order, even for people who think they have too short willies. 

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In the first place, many people do not like to be told how to think with their brains either.

Despots and divine rulers do not need to justify their actions. Decisionmakers in democracies don’t have that privilege. They need scapegoats just like dictators and despots, but they have to justify their actions by the findings of "science". Smoking, especially second-hand-smoking or passive smoking is on the firing line in many countries.

The Nazis blamed the communists and Jews for introducing smoking to the German Aryan master race and trying to corrupt them (Proctor, 1999:179). Hitler (a heavy smoker who gave up smoking as a waste of money), personally believed smoking as decadent and a revenge of the Red Man against White Man (Proctor, 1999:219).

Modern Mechanism of Smoking Bans

Nowadays scientific studies by “independent” committees give the arguments. Then politicians deny that any measure for banning a popular activity like smoking is ever going to see the daylight. “Suddenly” comes the ban. But behind the scenes, a vampire army of lawyers in search of someone to sue has already been active and won landmark cases before any politician in his/her sane mind even thinks of a ban.

Britain’s public health minister Caroline Flint (who admitted smoking cannabis as a student but not liking it) said in June 2005 that any suggestion of a smoking ban was “false speculation”. Then the British parliament voted for total ban just nine months later.

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Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc) is a universal habit nowadays. 

  • China is the king of the tobacco league – 30% of the planet’s 5,5 trillion cigarettes are produced and consumed in China. 
  • The USA comes second with 12% production, though tobacco is produced in about 100 countries globally. 
  • The largest tobacco company in the world, China National Tobacco Co. belongs to The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration or STMA, which is the organisation responsible for enforcing the tobacco monopoly in China. They don’t have even a website.

History of Smoking Bans

  • The first recorded ban on smoking is from 1575 in Mexico, when the Catholic Church bans tobacco usage in any form throughout the Spanish colonies.
  • The first country to ban smoking totally is Bhutan.
  • The first global ban is by Pope Urban VIII (1623-44). He threatened with excommunication anyone using tobacco (smoking or snuffing) in any holy place.
  • The first ban on using and cultivating tobacco is from China 1612.
  • The first death penalty for smoking is from 1617 in Mongolia. 
  • In Russia from 1634, for the first offence one got whipping, a slit nose and exile to Siberia and death sentence for the second offence.
  • The first use of the term “passive smoking” is by the Nazis.
  • The first building in the world to have a smoke-free policy was the wooden Old Government Building in Wellington, New Zealand in 1876 due to the threat of fire
  • The first country in the world to have a comprehensive nation-wide smoke-free workplace is Ireland with its law of 29th March 2004. 
Since the early 2000s most of the developed countries have some form of ban on smoking in public places.

Medieval Punishment Back in Anti Smoking

In some cultures like Finland, where they had the medieval punishment called pillory, anti-smoking has traces of the old punish-by-public-shaming element in it. Though these modern gas chambers are comfortable state-of-the-art in ventilation, the non-smokers can gaze publicly at the smokers practising their vice and feel holier for not being an addict of the vice.

Anyone really interested in the history of anti-smoking could read this excellent book Velvet Glove, Iron Fist by Christopher Snowdon. Little Dice; 415 pages.

I am not a smoker. I totally agree that passive smoking is a nuisance. Nowadays in countries with public smoking bans, your clothes don’t reek anymore if you go out and I appreciate that greatly.

But I am amused to see how smokers have suddenly become the underdogs and well, sinners have rights too. By the way, where is the government going to get revenues from if everyone stops smoking? Are they going to bring in taxes for breathing fresh air?

Which Countries Allow Public Smoking?

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Where in the world is smoking in public allowed? Hardly anywhere, legally that is. These countries officially allowing smoking in public places are becoming rare.

  • Madagascar - Except in taxis and Antananarivo International airport and Air Madagascar Flights
  • Malawi - no legislation
  • Namibia - smoke free law planned
  • Romania - Bars and restaurants have to carry signs if they are smoking or non-smoking
  • Russia - No country-wide smoke-free law

Famous Sayings about Smoking

  • I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I haven't had time for tobacco since. Arturo Toscanini

  • To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I've done it a thousand times. Mark Twain, attributed
  • I thought I couldn't afford to take her out and smoke as well. So I gave up cigarettes. Then I took her out and one day I looked at her and thought: "Oh well," and I went back to smoking again, and that was better. Benny Hill


  • Proctor, Robert (1999), The War on Cancer, Princeton University Press.


Ex-smoker said...

Nice arguments but I still like my surroundings to be smoke free.

Anonymous said...

All of the smoking bans benefit big pharma, they get to sell their own brand of nicotine with the blessings of the government and the public. Big pharma paid for the social engineering and false propoganda related to smoking and spent hundreds of millions of dollars for bans. After all, tobacco is the competition for their minty fresh whitening gums that make teeth fall out and their nicotine delivery system, the patch, that causes hair loss and skin lesions. But the public doesn't much care, nor do they care that business owners lose their constitutionally guaranteed private property rights. These businesses are privately owned with no tax-payer funding. The public should have no say in how an owner operates his business in regard to a legal substance. If there were any truth to passive smoke being dangerous, OSHA would have stepped in. In fact, OSHA says passive smoke is up to 25,000 times safer than allowable. It's just mob-rule at it's finest at the expense of personal freedom. Just like Nazi Germany!

mbakken said...

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gives multi-millions in grant money to the American Cancer Society, the Lung Association and more and use/blame the children. They say it is to stop them from smoking. They use/blame them for their marketing of their own nicotine! The government raises taxes to never before seen heights, over 2,000% for loose tobacco. If everyone quits, who will they target next? If property taxes went up 2,000%, I think we'd hear a lot of screaming, but hey, it's only smokers. Shame on them!

mbakken said...

I think these anything but "non-profits" should be investigated for money laundering and/or tax evasion as they use propoganda and social engineering so the companies they own make millions if not billions. What a scam!

ASWANI said...

Great post. Keep it up :)

puresunshine said...

very insightful!

Anonymous said...

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Vinay said...

quite a lot of groundwork !! .. insightful !!


mbakken said...

With permission from Michael J. McFadden, author of Dissecting Anti-Smokers Brains:
Smoking bans are based on lies, and if people take just a few minutes to honestly read some of the studies and the criticisms of the studies that the ban proposal is based on it might make a big difference. To see just how these nonsense statistics supporting bans get made up and WHY they get made up just check these three links:

http://www.jacobgri archives/ 2210.html

shows how researchers promise the "right" kind of answers for grants before even doing the research and how they juggle the numbers to create the promised "right answers." Be sure to read the "aftercomments" to the Grier article: that is where the strongest documented criticisms are. And:

http://www.velvetgl oveironfist. com/wagner_ on_pell.php

shows how the nonsense heart attack drop meta-study also juggled numbers and scientific terminology while

http://www.bmj. com/cgi/eletters /bmj.38055. 715683.55v1# 67440

dissects the grandfather of these studies, the "Helena Heart Miracle." Read "100 Days," and way down near the bottom "Independently Confirmed??" where you'll see how the "evidence" of what they did was almost wiped from the Internet. If the "little studies" are trash, then the "big combining study" is also trash.

Anonymous said...

"Smoking bans benefit big Pharma..."

Yeah, leave it to a drug addict to do mental backflips to justify their disgusting habit in the face of overwhelming evidence to their detriment. Honestly, if smoking, or any other from of drug use, really were a victimless crime, I'd gladly buy you a pack and say good ridance with a smile.

I have severe asthma and you smokers routinely put me in the hospital because you cannot have the courtesy to keep your habit to yourself. The tender lungs of children many of victimize, who never had a choice but to inhale your noxious gasses, will become diseased but no skin off your back. It's the selfishness that gets me, in the end. You don't care who you harm so long as your base urge is satisfied and seem to be completely blind to the ugly way you appear to the rest of the populace.

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